By Ingleman

Escaped To The Country

Yesterday was all about family, new found friends, and alcohol. 

Alcohol can be used for a variety of things. Such as cleansing wounds, cleaning grease and sticky stuff off a range of different surfaces, and preventing the water in your washer bottle from freezing over.

None of those things applied yesterday. So we drank it all.

Today was all about fresh air, wide open spaces and the sheer exultation of being alive and  not having a headache.

This morning I went out with my son, J ( home from Sweden for the holidays and chilling out after a gruelling week skiing in the Austrian Tirol) (yawn, that's so yesterday dahling)

And this evening my daughter Ell and her Dobermann Vixen came out for a fresh air yomp around Corvedale. It certainly blew the cobwebs away!

In the distance we saw the flashing amber lights of the road gritter treating the roads against ice and we realised it had got a bit nippy  so went home to tea.

A very relaxing day. 

Only 364 days till Christmas. 

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