No Kid for Two Farthings

We found these two farthings when we lifted the floor of the living room. The older coin was already 56 years old when the house was built, it had already been in circulation longer than it was to remain legal tender.

Our living room floor is now put back, the skirting board is screwed on and the underlay and carpet are reinstated. As we only lifted two boards that hadn't already been butchered by electricians and gasfitters the floor shouldn't creak more and is still as draught resistant as before. I also used decent Spax flooring screws to fasten the boards down rather than a random assortment of nails and screws used previously, which should also reduce creaking.

I spent today in the cupboard under the stairs- a lot more spacious than under the floor where my better half spent this week - patching holes and giving it a lick of paint. There were so many holes that I actually ran out of filler and we'll have to get more this week. It looks a lot better already but once the rest of the holes are patched and I've put a second coat of paint on it, it should be good to go.

All I need to find now is a supply of 8 ml 16x60 mm glass sample vials for my better half. She has a collection of sand but needs more glass vials to keep them in. When we worked in a science lab they were easy to get hold of, now they are more of a pain to located. It's an odd thing to buy I'll grant you but it's something she wants and she did spend most of the week under th living room floor.

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