By Charente

No we are not there yet......

but I saw this mural on a wall inside Geant supermarket today and fell in love with it.
I had an 11 am hair appointment this morning.  While I was in the hairdresser, Mr C did a few jobs like collecting our H&B parcel from the local Tabac, buying a couple of things in Lidl, and posting a letter.   We then headed off to Geant to buy another suitcase.  We have a good one that we bought in Las Vegas, but it really is too big to lug around, I wanted two medium size cases, one of which we already had.  We now have a pale blue case and a bright red case to travel with.  Both use a code to lock which is so much easier than trying to find the right key each time!
From there we filled up with fuel, and then did our normal fortnightly shop in Leclerc.   I am trying to buy as little as possible and move things out of the freezers before we go on holiday.  We have though, now, got lots of leftovers to get through from Christmas!!  Buying is just mainly fruit, milk and yoghurt.
By the time we got home and had a quick snack, and unpacked, it was then time for a coffee for Mr C and a mint tea for me.
Dinner tonight was sliced turkey heated up with the gravy that was left, brussels sprouts, mushrooms and ratatouille.  A salad starter and a slice of cognac-soaked cake with homemade marzipan for dessert.  Hopefully, come the New year we can go on diet to get some weight off before we put it all back on again on holiday!!
Thanks for all the kind comments over the past two days and all the good wishes, much appreciated.

Keep safe and stay well, it seems there are a lot of nasties going around at the present time with COVID, flu, and Strep A.  Very best wishes to you all. 

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