By Charente

A visiting Robin,,,

Not the best photo, taken through the window.
The sun was shining this morning, but this afternoon the clouds are building up again.  Feeling very tired after a restless night so have not been very energetic today.
We had some fruit for lunch and corn on the cob which had been pre-cooked and vacuumed packed.  I have never seen it like that before.  It in fact tasted OK but not sure I would buy it again, I prefer fresh.
Tonight, I plan on Turkey Tikka Masala, and we still have some Ratatouille left.  The latter I added a chili to and each day it seems to be getting hotter!! Further planning is still in the air!  Maybe some spiced couscous?
Thank you for all the kind comments on the elephant yesterday, I think this my favourite ever mural.

Keep safe, the end of the year is almost here, gosh where did 2022 go to?

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