By Charente

A Moss Forest........

Another horrible day with lots of rain and grey skies.  We had a vaguely sunny ½ hour break this afternoon in which I trotted around a very wet garden looking for a photo.  I did take a number of photos that were not particularly interesting, this was my favourite.
I made a huge saucepan of Thai Pumpkin soup this morning.  I stepped up the ginger and we both thoroughly enjoyed the stronger flavour at lunchtime.
This afternoon I spent mostly playing at the computer making a new header for my blog.  It took a very steady hand and a lot of patience of which the latter I have very little!  I do not have PaintShop Pro, and the programme I use was a free one 20-odd years ago!!   I am though fairly happy with the result.
Dinner tonight was, yes turkey tikka masala again and we still have some left,  served with cauliflower and blue cheese sauce, and sweet and sour beetroot.  Strangely enough, they were a great combination.  An avocado starter, and dessert was cognac-soaked fruit cake with marzipan and crème fraiche.
Not sure when I might post tomorrow, probably early as we are off to friends to see in the New Year and stay overnight.
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my teasel yesterday and for all the stars.

Have a great weekend and take care, I cannot believe that 2023 is just around the corner!!!!

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