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My wife wanted to go to the Saint-Suliac Xmas fair today to buy some local honey. It was bright but bitter cold. We took her mother and her mother's dog. There was a fair amount of haze as you can see in the two pictures I've posted from the riverside. The tide isn't natural here behind the barrage, and there wasn't much beach for the dog to run along. After going as far as we could one way, we returned and walked across the promenade to the second beach. Here the fluffy one dived into the river after some geese and came out very promptly very cold and soggy.

We went to the XMas market, but the dog was too wet and cold, so I went back to the car with him and wrapped him in a blanket to warm up while my wife and her mother went shopping. They said the market was very good and came back with several things.

The second extra is the inside of the bike shed, you can see the original garden wall t the right behind the concrete wall. The north facing window will have the waterproof membrane removed once the cladding is installed, and the roof will be installed next week by the PV team

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