There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

T. Tiger Goes for a Spin!!!

We took the license plate off my Mazda on the day that we sold it, and T. Tiger decided he should somehow put the plate on this little red car and take it for a spin. The plate looks just a tad too big for the car, methinks. But hey, what do I know!???

Now, I think the car is a Corvette, and as you can see, the Crittergators are standing down front, amazed at T. Tiger's hot-rodding talents. The Tiger is wearing his hat and scarf combo and is ready to roll! Zoom zoom!

I know this calls for a soundtrack song, and I couldn't choose, so here are both: Chuck Berry, with No Particular Place to Go; and John Travolta et al, with Greased Lightning, from the soundtrack to the movie Grease.

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