99* Red Balloons

Circumstances tried to conspire against me today.

I had a plan you see, it involved red balloons, a trampoline and one of my most blipped subjects, Jasmine.

Trying to find red balloons at short notice was hard, I had to buy heart shaped ones in the end, the blowing them up was no problem - my little brother's visiting and he's full of hot air!

Then it decided to rain most of the day, making the trampoline wet and the star performer less than willing to go out and bounce, fortunately by the time she was out of school (a lesson earlier than expected due to German schools not having a system of supply teachers and a teacher being off sick) the rain had stopped and the sun came out, I offered to dry off the trampoline, can't expect the star to do the hard graft!

I'm loving blip, there are some amazing people here, I'm looking forward to my second year.

* 99 would have been good wouldn't it, if only to fit in with the song better, but it would have been more expensive and I think I'd have been pushing my luck to get my little brother to blow up that many balloons.

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