By MarilynParker

Recycling Christmas stuff

I was chucking out 2 redundant parts of a Christmas Cottage lighting decoration (only the main cottage part is lit now) when I looked at the  base and thought aha, these will make nice geocaches.
One of them fits a micro perfectly without any intervention other than wedging it in (photo above of it and extra of the log container in its base) but the other one needs some fixing as the hole in the base is larger so Terry will fettle it for me.
All our decs and lights are down and packed away, ready to go in the loft. 
We watched the latest Elvis film last night as we got it free on Rakuten from Samsung - not impressed at all! We watched it to the end and I think the main character ie Elvis actor must have put a lot of work into it but to me he seemed a bit effeminate for Elvis but he did have the moves off to perfection. The film itself left a lot to be desired. It started out as most US films do - chaotic and disjointed - and it never stopped being disjointed. We really like Tom Hanks but I was not keen on how he played Tom Parker - much mumbling - anyway, we didn't like it for many reasons but I can't be bothered listing them all.
We came to remember Elvis The Movie where Elvis was played by Kurt Russell and what a brilliant film that was - Kurt Russell was fantastic - like he really was Elvis!

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