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Change in the weather

It's just as well we enjoyed the sunshine properly yesterday. I knew the sky was overcast last night when I took the compost bin out (I know - I'd forgotten earlier because we were out playing), but today was a real stinker. It's been much milder - at midnight, which is now, it's 8ºC apparently - and the rain has been either fine drizzle or determined downpour, which is what it was when I locked the door fifteen minutes ago. It also seems to be blowing a bit now, which it wasn't earlier.

So what did I do this dreary day? Well, I didn't rush to get out of bed, so that once again breakfast was barely cleared away when I was putting the coffee on. But then I told myself not to waste this free time, so I got out my painting things and set to making another sketch of my unwitting subject, my older grandson (using a rather good photo to remind me), so that I can try painting him without fear of ruining my only sketch.  It's fascinating drawing someone you know really well - the drawing I've done so far is a good drawing of a young teenage boy, but getting it to be MY young teenage boy is something else. And I keep seeing things I'd not noticed before - that he's growing very like his father round the jaw line, and that his eyes are like mine. And another thing I learned is that ears are very important, and rather beautiful ...

After lunch I caught up with all the magazine bits of newspapers that I'd tucked under my chair when I'd not had time to read them, and then decided I had to go out, whatever the weather. Himself came out for a bit - I bought another sheet in the Mackay's closing down sale and he took it home while I bashed along the front to the Kirn boundary sign and back. I took the above photo on my way home (with the rain on my back for a change) looking at the lights of Dunoon in the murk - if you look closely you'll see that the cloud is actually sitting on the back streets of the town.

And now it's after midnight because I've been talking to my Canadian friend on FaceTime and it's only 4 in the afternoon for her but it's time for bed. Again. 

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