There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?

Tow Hill Tales.

The rain and the fog never let up. It's been misty for days! My husband and I headed out for a walk anyway, him in his Gore-Tex jacket, and me with my trusty pink umbrella. We headed for Tow Hill, which is very close to our house, and so up the road into the moving mist and pouring rain we walked.

Now, I did not get a chance to tell you, but last week when we walked up Tow Hill on an icy day, I saw the tracks again: the little deer and the cat, side by side. I think they have a big thing going, and I have to admit that I think of them as Louis and Rick now!!! Or Louisa and Rick. Which is which, I have no idea, I'd have to see their faces to tell!

On a different Tow Hill trip recently, we ran into the lady who walks up the hill with her big white dog and her orange cat. The cat had been startled by the mail truck on that day, and took off into the woods. The lady was calling it, and I realized that we knew her, and her cat, from a past adventure up there. The cat is Jensen, and here is a link to the story (Meow, said Jensen) in which they appear.

So I am finally putting pieces together and coming up with a story. Is the cat who walks with the deer her orange cat Jensen? Does Jensen have a secret friend who comes to play on certain days? Does Jensen's mother know about all of this? I don't know, but Jensen isn't telling and I'm sure not!

Here is a picture from atop misty Tow Hill.
Tow Hill is where these and other stories live.

Here is my soundtrack song: Rod Stewart, with Every Picture Tells a Story.

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