By feorlean

Three boys...

For a long time my two brothers have been on at me to "do something" with the three small suitcases of pictures that I took from my mother's house when we clearing it, intending to digitise as many as I could.

My mother was an inveterate collector of photographs, but  many of those in her collection are unlabelled and utterly beyond researching .   She also took lots  of pictures herself , latterly polaroids, though the quality is very patchy.   

Anyway I have had them for more than twenty years , and "things" seems to have got in the way of sorting them out.    But with the advent of AI , and all that goes with it including colourisation, plus me supposedly being retired, I have spent a bit of time over the past few days seeing what I could do with one or two of the prints.

This one is of my self and my brothers and can be dated as Peter, the youngest, was born in November 1956.  Given he is clearly well under a year the picture was presumably taken sometime in early 1957.   

It appears to be rather prescient though as I look as if I am speaking to an audience and my elder brother, John, is looking on somewhat sceptically.   

Anyway the technology is intriguing but if I am going to tackle the huge pile of images I am going to also have to think through filing ( I have put the present experiments in the cloud) and selection.

And given that today - the first day back at work for most people in Scotland - has already meant me agreeing to a London trip and a Glasgow event within the next fortnight, I will also need to secure the time to get on with it.   Two decades after I should have done it .....

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