Every Little Step

By moonfairy

A Trip To....

.. The Botanic Gardens.

It was very hot, so of course, there had to be ice-cream.

And they were really pleased as coffee ice-cream was back on the menu.

We then went for a long walk to find the little beach.

There were a lot of dogs at the water's edge.  And one man very kindly let them keep on throwing sticks for his dog.  Gave him a bit of a rest.

I thought the girls were only going to paddle in the water, but they ended up getting very wet.

And I had no spare clothes, luckily i had a towel.

So, when we returned to the car, they stripped off, and sat in the back naked.

I gave them some pretzels and apples to eat, and they happily munched their way home.

Clothes into the washing machine and girls into the bath as soon as we were indoors.

No sooner were their clothes dry, and they were asking to go to the park.

Where do they get their energy from.  Luckily Grandpa took them.

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