All part of the story

By Treshnish

A feeding frenzy

A miserable dark and damp day.  Don't think I will be going out with my camera again so an early blip. 

The Herdies are hovering around the gate opposite the farm building in the mornings now, hinting that they would enjoy some additional sustenance.    There is always a mad freezy when they realise S has got a bag of food with him, and they swirl around him as he spreads it on the ground.  

Back in the office.  Those unresolved issues still nagging away at me.  I spent most of the evening last night, making a Blurb Blipfoto book, 6 months of a year.  I have never used Indesign so ended up using the Blurb Bookwright, and not having any text as I couldn't get it to format correctly.  I will hand write the dates of each photograph in when the book arrives.  

Grateful for warmth and light on a grey day, for S heating up soup for lunch, for receiving an unexpected calendar yesterday from an artist in Fife. 

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