As seen by me...

By GrantR

What a cracking night for photographing sunsets...

Well, tonight I took the 50mm off and put on the 18-70 again and went for a wander up Salisbury Crags. Another first for me, as I've never been up there at all. If you've never been go. I went up from the South side and the views of Edinburgh and the sunset were astounding.

However, on the way back to the car the light was great so a few shots were rattled off of the Scooby as well. Well, a stack to be honest, a good few of which can be seen on the Flicker page.

So, I intended a cool HDR of the sun setting over Edinburgh, but it's late and I'll never get them processed so I done the Scooby set instead.

I'll get the sunsets on Flicker tomorrow I suppose!

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