By Kipsie


First time I've actually come across deer droppings on the heath. Gish it was mild today, tee shirt would have been adequate while walking Indie across the heath. We take a different route everyday, but tend to end the walk near water so that Indie can take a dip & return relatively clean if not dry, although she does shake to command, obviously trained by Mum, just a shame she does'nt do much else to command, she's a real character though & I guess we wouldn't have her any other way. I did trick her into taking her worming tablets this morning. I took a roast dinner for Mum, plus a ramekin of extra gravy & orts which I put in Indies food bowl. Whoosh!! Gone! Result!
While on a roll I decided to restring Mum's rotary washing line..... I suggested to Mum that she pop the violas in the window box while I was getting to grips with 60mtr of nylon washing line.. Bish-bash-bosh! as they say. Line, & planter done. A quick coffee, take Mum's blood pressure, bring in the emptied rubbish wheelie bin, then back to Chudleigh for lunch.
Toasted wholemeal seeded flatbread, humus, & olives for lunch. Yummy! Hubby had Devon Blue cheese with sea salt & black pepper crackers Yuk!!! I don't like cheese, & the pepper in the crackers make my mouth burn, even with my medication.
Did the ironing. Next job, take up Mum's new trousers. 4" off.. Making her inside leg 25" She's shrunk. I eventually unpicked them, M&S don't make it easy, they've discovered iron on sticky hemming stuff, making it difficult to unpick. I need good natural light to cut & hem so had to abandon the exercise until tomorrow.
I made the filling for tonight's dinner, leaving it to cool before wrapping in puff pastry.
A good day... Walking certainly helps

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