All part of the story

By Treshnish

Tied up

There were 2 or 3 boats tied up against the fishermen's pier this morning, catching the winter sun.  The bay was flat calm, glowing with reflective colour. 

We have a funny relationship with Tobermory really. 45 minutes/15 miles drive, it  is our local town.  We think we know it but actually we don't know it that well at all.   A local artist made a film about Tobermory 10 or more years ago, observing the minutae  of daily life.  I realised watching that film that I really didn't know what went on beneath the surface, between our brief sweeps in for usually specific errands.  

M's High School days meant our relationship grew a bit firmer, for those 6 years, but they are behind us now and I feel we have slipped back into more of an acquaintance-ship again.  Which means I don't know if the three boats are tied up because it is winter, or because it is still New Year or just because....  

Grateful for sunshine after yesterday's gloom and wet, and help on my paint search in Browns. 

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