By Lizimagiz

The Stowaway…..

“Yay…. I spy a fly”….,
Bryan the Birman is a very nosey cat who loves trespassing in people’s vehicles. He was safe in this case because it is my parked vehicle. I’d put it through a “Posh Wash” in town… the vehicle, not the cat. This evening a friend called in and very kindly hoisted and secured the luggage pod on the roof of my vehicle. Then I thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned the interior. As I finished the task Bryan the Birman decided to play “Stowaway. He is such a dcharacter of a cat.
Tonight I feel very worried for the folk in some areas of the North Island. They have been advised to evacuate their properties due torrential rains and the threat of serious flooding. Kia kaha…

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