Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2936. Gift from Australia

We were sitting watching the news last night when our door buzzer sounded….it was the Royal Mail delivering my Christmas presents from my sister in Australia! So happy they’ve arrived and what wonderful gifts we had too….
I absolutely love this wee brooch….it’s so delicate and pretty….it’s coming to Lanzarote with me!
I’m so pleased the parcel arrived as it’s always a bit of a worry sending parcels across the world.
I have changed what I’m travelling in clothes-wise about 10 times so far because the weather is awful, cold, wet and really blustery…..oh and 4.7 degrees….we have two buses to catch with a 40 minute wait for our connection to the airport…
Just off out for a walk before lunch as I doubt I’ll walk far today….

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