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By HarlingDarling

Family dinner

Breakfast is taken a different times in different houses. Lunch is not even taken in our house, but we are eating an evening meal together, before bedtime ensues in the red house. This is from that event, mashed potatoes, vegan sausages, falafel, yoghurt sauce and chutney - almost like jam, Flora, we think you'd love it. (She did)

Today I felt a bit rubbish when I woke up after a delightful long sleep, so I stayed in bed with a coffee and read the paper, blipped and listened to an interview with Prince Harry of Britain, talking to the excellent Stephen Colbert. Here it is. I'm not that interested in royalty (understatement) but I am fascinated by family dynamics. It was a very well balanced interview, I thought, and there was enough time for real connection and depth. The world is full of damaged and distressed people, one way or another. Plenty of work that needs doing.

Isaac and I put on our spikes and took ourselves off to town to look at the second hand shops. The red Cross shop had been in touch to say they were displaying the sheepskins I was after before Christmas. Bit late, but very nice to be remembered and invited in! Lovely coats for around £20-25 but I couldn't bring myself to chop them up for anything! And although there was an absolute beauty in a shimmer of grey wool, I held myself in check. My nephew found two jumpers for his lovely wife, all arranged via WhatsApp to make sure they were acceptable, a snip at £3 a piece.

We proceeded to Re-Store to look at the bazaar of private people selling thing, but it was almost empty. Post Christmas slump I suppose. The other ace charity shop shuts early on Wednesdays so another trip will have to be arranged. We returned home, me with a pair of mittens that have bear prints on the palm, for Florence, and a wall light shaped like a huge pink flower. I already have two white ones in the hall, but a pink one is a fine addition.

I had a rest in bed when I got in, but not before digging out the bench that was hidden in a snow heap, and the two kick sledges (sparks) that were almost buried. The white gym is well and truly open. Rikard is doing a great job of keeping on top of the snow situation, which is now more of an ice situation, and in town an icy slush situation. Everyone is apologetic to our visitors who are here in this "sh*t weather" - as described by a rather posh lady in the Red Cross! Swedish can be quite blunt. Forthright. I like it here.

I think we are finding our collective feet now and are hitting several sweet spots. Keith made dinner, I have a pan of lentil soup on the doorstep for people to dip into, food for tomorrow is planned - as is a trip to the play area of the local county museum since the sh*t weather will be with us another day. We plan a drive to the top of Beacon Hill to look out over the town, these things may or may not transpire, we are hanging loose. Like you do. For an "elderly couple" with no experience of small children to speak of, I think we are doing ok. 

The blip shows Isaac doing something momentarily odd, but it was the shot that protected the children from exposure. Florence entertained us with stories, jokes and sining. Wonderful stuff! This kind of time together is so precious, and nothing replaces it. Nothing at all. I'm feeling very grateful.

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