simple moments

By simplemoments



we got a new chair

so glad you - said ‘we’ boo - and not ‘you’ because - it is ours - notice that i’m clarifying that point

it’s so funny - since every piece - of furniture i have - i believe the boo - thinks belongs to her - it’s the way a - kittie-boo mind works - everything belongs to them - in this case though - this truly is a new - chair gifted to me - by my sil when - she and my brother - came to visit for my - birthday and i was - lamenting that i’d love - to have a chair - where i could put - my legs up to relax

well the next thing i know - we’re shopping for chairs - and i said i couldn’t - afford what she was - looking at and she said - no worries, i’m getting it - for you and so - it finally got - delivered on christmas eve - and me and the boo - have been enjoying - it ever since as you - can see here - she (the boo) does like to have…


happy day.....

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