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By magi

born to die in Berlin

Work at CVK and the usual trip via the Westhafen. This bit of graffiti has been on my blip list for ages - time to realise it. Work was busy figuring out Plan B

I finished my first book this year - Islands of Abandonment, Life in the post-human landscape by Cal Flyn (see extra). I must admit I am quite fascinated by industrial decay, but mostly from an aesthetical point of view. Cal Flyn wonderfully describes these places. More importantly, however, she also describes how life comes back even to places most badly affected by human activity. It's a book of wonder and hope.

Next month we are going to get to vote in Berlin as there were some irregularities last time around. I would usually vote for the Greens without much hesitation. I must admit I am considering my options given their support for the destruction of the village of Lützerath to make way for the expansion of an open cast lignite mine. This might be due to being a member of the ruling coalition. I am not convinced. There is an open letter by German scientists calling for a moratorium due to some doubt whether the expansion is necessary or merely politically willed. Germany signed the Paris agreement and the German constitution requires the state to protect the environment for future generations. Expanding a coal mine simply breaks the Paris agreement and is anti-constitutional. Anyway, I have a month or so to decide how I am going to vote.

On a more positive note, my paper on a client/server framework to solve taskfarm problems has been published.

The title might be inspired by the Ramones or Nina Hagen - who knows...

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