Ramblings of an Academic

By RozWM

Cub night

As Tuesday night in school terms is Guide night, Thursday early evening is Cubs. My involvement with Scouting only goes back 5.5 years and 4 years actual appointment as opposed to district helper. That of course coincides with when the 11.5yo turned 6 and could start Beavers. I initially helped setup a new Beaver colony (which unfortunately didn’t survive Covid) and then we moved so the then 7yo joined Beavers and I was with Cubs . Meet at same time so I was on premises if he struggled and could also join for outside stuff (this was pre ADHD diagnosis). Then he went through Cubs and got his top award somewhat fast due to being at every single Zoom meeting in Covid times. He is now in Scouts and stays without either of us there so we get an hour or so to ourselves. He mainly engages and loves a lot of the activities and thankfully the group is great with additional needs so it works for us both.

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