Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


A sunnier, quieter day today, but I just had time for a quick walk along the Canal and home again. There was a cormorant in the water at Banknock and we seemed to keep pace with one another for the next wee while.
Admittedly, it seemed more interested in what was under the water than upon it, diving for a catch every so often but always reappearing more or less opposite the place I had reached on the towpath.

The cormorant seemed less interested, too, in the plethora of mallards and occasional goosanders also on the Canal, far less the heron that was standing on the bank at Allandale (see extra).

A little further on and he / she seemed content to swim around and enjoy the pickings on offer, while I continued my journey home. I am attending a concert tonight in Glasgow and too need to be fed. And probably also with fish.

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