By rainie

Long Exposure

This is what I had planned for yesterday which I aborted ..... this morning was nicely cloudy but not cold so tried for a second time.  
Before I got into my days work/activities I went down to this old disused jetty to attempt a long exposure.  It took me a bit to get the settings right, starting off with a 3-stop ND unsucessfully, then changed to the 10-stop ND filter, aha much more successful.
I noticed I wasn't alone, seeing a women slowly walking along towards me,  beach combing.  We had a lovely chat, a women around my age, with many similarities  -  both creative, she making 3-D type large scenes using the bits she finds, both suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome, both not sleeping well because of this, both happy to do our craft just for ourselves, both have sons called Aidan (and both living in Australia).  We laughed a lot at the similarities.  One thing we wern't similar was - she was wearing lipstick and mascara and smartly dressed, me no makeup, hair a mess and dressed for the garden !!

Enjoyed the tennis final (played in Auckland) this afternoon - Cameron Norrie (lived in NZ, plays for UK) versus Richard Gasquet.  Three sets with Gasquet coming out the winner.  Exciting tennis.  Next week more tennis - the Australian Open


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