Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Hello Lovely Blippers,

It’s Rufus the Reindeer here - as this will be my last time with the Silly Saturday Gang until December, I was voted in to write this on a very special day, which would have been Admirer’s birthday.  Well it still is her birthday, but she will no doubt be organising a party in heaven!  We know her family miss her a lot and I’m sure they will be thinking of her and talking about her today.  

Come to think about it, we know it was Blipper, Mrs. T’s Mum’s birthday yesterday and you may remember her, deanna_pearce; she is another one with a heavenly birthday, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t involved in a party too and of course, being two ladies, they would have it all sorted out!

Admirer was a lovely lady and although many of us had never met her - and nor had Mr. & Mrs. HCB, she is still loved and remembered, because SHE was the one who started Silly Saturday.  We know she used to love seeing all the silly photographs and antics that Blippers got up to on this day and she always had a kind word or comment to make on those Blippers she followed regularly.

We think it is great that Admirer is still remembered and of course, many of you reading this will remember many of your loved ones too.  We are grateful that our memories can be so comforting and especially on days like this when perhaps we would have been having a party or a family gathering to celebrate someone’s birthday.  But there is a saying - and you know what Mrs. HCB is like for her quotes and sayings - but this one is very true:

“To live in the hearts of those we love, is not to die.”

Apparently, according to Mr. Google, this was written by Thomas Campbell who lived from 1777-1884, which is a very long time ago, but what he said is true - while we are talking about and remembering those we have loved and lost, they can never die in our hearts and memories.

So as we remember Admirer today, let’s also remember all those we have loved and lost - and for once, that is not silly, but it is wonderful to be able to do that.

Well, as I said, this is my last day with the Silly Saturday Gang for a while - I’m needed back with Santa and his elves, so I will bid you all farewell - have a great year - I’m off to look for some snow, which is definitely silly in the UK at the moment - all they seem to have here is rain, rain and more rain!

Take care and remember to be kind - you never know what someone else is going through - and your kindness might just help them.

With love from Rufus the Reindeer and the Silly Saturday Gang xxx

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