By JeriSimpson1986

Stanage Edge

The view from Stanage Edge trig point, on a wet and windy day.

The run on the whole was good, although it felt like a swim in places and it was awfully windy! The last four miles were a strong headwind and I think we only had about three miles of no wind in our face.

The scenery was beautiful, and we linked up some routes we have explored with the kids while exploring new trails.

I had a mishap at mile 7 and have a hole in my favourite leggings at the knee and a lovely hole in my knee, that took forever (after the run) to stop bleeding. Luckily it wasn’t painful until after we had finished.

Once finished we detoured into Meadowhall so I could treat myself with my birthday money, I got some powerpuff girl pjs, two vests, some more Hamish highland cow pj bottoms and a gorgeous blue polo neck jumper. The January sales always mean I can stretch my pennies further.

We grabbed a five guys and then headed home, to walk down to the local for a couple of bevvies.

Now tucked up in bed watching Rotherham smash Blackburn, new signings and going back to basics seem to be doing the trick. Plus we haven’t lost a game when it’s been televised on sky for a year. Hoping this amazing performance and 4-0 win are the platform to build on for the next 19 games!

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