By soozaday

Different Curve, Same Scenario

We ventured out to the Farmers' Market in between drops--there was actually brightness in the sky for a couple hours--a few vendors were able to harvest and to get to town, and there was a surprising number of shoppers who were eager to get out while it was clear. We've read of one farm that is under five feet of water. Not only have they lost the current crops, it will be a long time before they can replant and get back on their feet.

A quick detour to look a the ocean. We tried walking along the path, but oh it was so windy and cold! I bailed, but not before taking a few photos of another washout on the trail. This one took a bite out of the road as well. There's a stretch where cars are prohibited, and I don't know how the residents get in and out. It will be awhile before this area is restored. 

Now it's evening. We've had another dump of rain. Seems quiet right now, but I know we're not done yet. I think Tuesday is the next predicted clear day. 

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