By FotoAlex

West View Park

We were in the Pittsburgh area today to pick up a lamp that Jill bought on eBay and to get me a new phone. The lamp is a midcentury modern lamp similar to one her grandmother had that Jill loved. She hadn't been able to find anything about it until recently, when she found an app that identifies objects in pictures. She scanned it, found out details, and found an eBay listing nearby. She gave them an offer, it was accepted, and Jill cannot be happier.

She's got to get it rewired, but once that's done, I'll get a photo. It is a really cool lamp.

On our way to get my phone, we saw an exit for the West View neighborhood in Pittsburgh. We knew there used to be an amusement park there, so we decided to take a detour. This sign is the only reminder that the park used to exist there. West View Park operated from 1906-1977. It had three roller coasters in its final years.

We drove around behind stores looking for any remnants, but I think everything has been cleared out. No concrete footers or anything. Oh well. This sign is fun.

We went to Verizon and got me an iPhone 14 with 128 GB of storage. It's exciting. Setup went much smoother than when I went from an iPhone 6 to 8 with Sprint. Everything transferred quickly. I also bought a USB-C outlet to charge the phone, a screen protector and case, and a magnetic car mount so I can use navigation and charge it at the same time. Great. Now I feel much more confident about visiting my mom in a week.

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