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Caught out

On this, the second Sunday of Epiphany, the biggest miracle was the change in the weather. The morning was calm and still and dry. Church was cold and very damp, though the atmosphere was lively, with no fewer than 5 children present - not a regular occurrence at this point in our development. (These things tend to go in waves - when we had children, there were others; when they grew up, there was a lull ...). One thing struck me yet again: if we're going to welcome and entertain toddlers we need to do something more clever than offer hard bricks to play with on a hard wooden floor ...

We stayed so long chatting/earnestly talking (not irony - there was a range!) that Himself was frozen by the time we decamped home for a fire and a strong coffee, but we were resolved to go out in daylight and what still looked like pale sunshine - it was pale sunshine, dammit! We went to Toward, and noticed to our alarm that there were towering clouds to the west, so abandoned our original route and headed towards the lighthouse, enjoying the view of the snowy mountains of Arran that is my main photo. Some Canada geese were paddling in the middle of a field, and the air was quiet. However, we were just turning to walk back to the car (about a mile) after a detour to the actual lighthouse, when a hearty squall hit us and we had to scuttle, especially as I'd opted for my warm jacket rather than a waterproof one. It stopped again just before we finished, leaving me time to take the extra photo of a couple of seals doing back exercises just off shore at the primary school.

I was home in time to make a delicious venison casserole for dinner and do my Italian as well as my physio - and now I've just helped someone through Messenger to translate a bit of Mediaeval Latin. Not bad going, really...

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