... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Privileged Access: Above The Cocoon

Well, here I am!
I got back from Madrid last night/this morning; I had a wonderful time! Madrid is an amazing city with so much to see, and I so enjoyed spending time away with friends and family. I've lots of photos to go through (my father let me borrow his little Canon G9), but will try to back-blip the three days tomorrow.

Today I seized an opportunity: I saw an open door where normally there is a closed door, so stuck my phone across the threshold and took this photo... This is the walkway above The Cocoon in the Darwin Centre at the Nat. Hist. Museum. It is off limits (on account of the rather dramatic 8+ floor drop over the railing...) but provides access for window cleaners and the abseilers who clean the outside surface of the cocoon (in theory... It is filthy, and I've never seen it being cleaned...).
In any case, I thought it was an interesting view, and one that few people get to see, so there you are...

I'm looking forward to catching up with your journals, but please bear with me while I get back up to speed!

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