By tridral

Amser i ffocws

Amser i ffocws ~ Time to focus

“The moment you lose yourself in what you're doing and focus your attention, thoughts, and conversation on your subject rather than yourself, you are able to make meaningful pictures.”
― Andrew Paynter

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Heddiw dechreuon ni ar y cwrs ffotograffiaeth. Roedd yr ymarfer cyntaf yn syml iawn - tynnu ffotograffau o dudalennau du a gwyn i weld sut mae'r camera yn ceisio gwneud popeth llwyd. Rydyn ni’n hapus iawn i fynd yn araf trwy’r cwrs. Mae'n fwy tebygol i ni'n gallu ei gwblhau na phe bai'n rhaid inni ruthro. Mae angen amser arnon ni i ffocws

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Today we started on the photography course. The first exercise was very simple - take photographs of black and white pages to see how the camera tries to make everything grey. We are very happy to go slowly through the course. It is more likely that we can complete it than if we had to rush. We need time to focus.

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Disgrifiad (Cymraeg): Mwsogl a blagur gwyrdd newydd
Description (English): Moss and new green shoots

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