Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


I began the day at Murray's Medical Supplies getting a demo of a mobility scooter. Next month we're off to Gran Canaria for ten days and we've decided that my reduced mobility has become enough of an issue to require hiring a mobility scooter while we're there. Tadhg in Murray's was excellent, providing a wealth of info about various models and encouraging me to 'have a go'. He didn't bat an eyelid when I told him I wasn't interested in buying (not just yet, anyhow) but just wanted to familiarise myself before renting while we're away.

Afterwards, we decide to go for a bite of lunch. The usual process of deciding where to go took a while, but we finally decided to just have pub grub in Goggins in Monkstown. We didn't. It was closed! It turns out they don't open on Mondays and Tuesdays (post pandemic, inflation, staffing problems, no doubt). Fortunately, Osterio99 was open upstairs and there's where we ate. Apart from two guys at a window table we were the only ones there. The food was good, the atmosphere is fine, our waiter was very helpful. The premises has been home to many restaurants over the years. We patronised it quite regularly in a previous iteration but couldn't remember the name it was then. A nice touch was a pack of hand-wipe and toothpick which we each got. The packaging caught my eye.

When I got back home I bit the proverbial bullet and organised the Gran Canaria rental of a mobility scooter. That should be fun.

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