By dogwithnobrain

High On a Hill, Stood a Lonely goatherd.

Which is even more pertinent here, because that pointy peak is Goatfell. 

I'm not sure if there are goats there or not, but I do love it.   I live on a road named for it. 

You will all be delighted to know that I dragged my ass out of bed today - much improvement was generated by my stopping taking the cough medicine and throat pastilles after reading on the packet, "DO NOT TAKE THESE IF YOU HAVE ASTHMA". 

Yes, I managed to overdose myself on cough medicine which was making my asthma WORSE  AS soon as i stopped the sooking of the sweets, and swapped to a different cough medicine..

So I was able to have a good night sleep, and then get up for work and head in. 

I just sat still  until I needed to dived to catch something, but then I started coughing, ,and nearly coughed up all over the place, and my eyes were streamnig and of course that was the point at which someone said "helen, can I ask you a quesiton? "

And he stood and watched as my eyes streamed and my face got red, and said "I think maybe you should go home"

But I didn't.  I did out the day and I'm home and feel better for it. 

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