By CameraHappy


I started blipfoto with a particular purpose in mind - to spend at least one year putting up photos that are representative of my life. It is meant to be not so much a diary or a journal, or even to showcase my photos, though it has these components. Rather it is meant to give others a glimpse of my life. This is an example of a picture that really has no photographic merit but tells a little about my life.

Our area has a program called "Earthcycle". People offer items they want to give away and others reply to them. The folks who make the offer select to whom they will give the items if there is more than one response. Sometimes it is first-come, first-served; other times it may be based on greatest need. I put my things along the side of the house, outdoors, so the recipient can pick up anytime.

Painting our house motivated me to get rid of things we no longer need or want. The lamp was the toughest to part with, as I tend to hang onto things. Each year for our first anniversaries, my husband and I would buy a piece of furniture. This was one of those pieces so it still has some sentimental value. But, we really have no need for it now. Bit by bit, I'm culling through things and really starting to feel a lot "lighter"!

My sister quoted Mom as saying - "If you can afford to buy a new one, you can afford to give the old one away." This has become a principle that I now use. I enjoy all the different responses and it is so rewarding to see people happy with the free items.

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