By OutAndAbout01

Muirton Locks

I love this view and when up in the highland city of Inverness always stop here for a cuppa. 

Snow turned into rain this morning making for a drama free day and a decent drive home. I visited the Beauly priory elm today which has finally fallen after standing for more than 800 years. I recently listened to the BBC Scotland Outdoors podcast which inspired me to stop for a final blip of a feat of nature. Dutch elm disease was it downfall, quite literally. 

The inside of the tree was almost hollow so hardly a surprise it has finally snuffed it. It was all fenced off so was difficult to get a decent shot but I’ve put a couple in the extras. It is to be carved up and the local people can have some of the wood as a local memento, I would imagine some local craftsmen will create some interesting pieces from the wood so some upcycling will be done. 

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