By JackyMT

A touch of spring

couldn't resist a bunch of daffs yesterday and they were just curled up buds, now they are out and smell lovely. I think I should have got 2 bunches though to fill the vase better.

Another cold start, Very frosty.

A mystery of the missing dogs solved. 
The owner came out of the house today and came to say thank you for giving the dogs treats and making a fuss of them. They have been rehomed over in Hull, Hugo with a family who already have Douge de Bourdeaux's, and Max, the one who was lame, is with the same family but with their Grandad who will look after him as he doesn't need too much exercise. He told us that he will be moving to Coxwold or maybe it was Cotswold  soon, as the house is going on the market next month and he can't take them with him, so he wanted to get them rehomed and settled before he goes. Wasn't that nice of him to tell us. He said he knew we would be wondering where they were.
So mystery solved. I'm glad we know, Paula kept worrying about them, I think if she thought they were in a rehoming centre she would have been nattering about them and wanting to go rescue them. She would rescue all the dogs if she could.

It was a late start again and a big shop at Tesco so home just before 12 noon, by the time we had lunch a nap and I'd put the groceries away it was afternoon coffee time, so nothing significant got done today.

Thats it for now. sleep tight well me that is as it is 11.40pm.

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