By madnessfollows

Another day, another open evening…

…this time, for the senior end of High School for Miss A. I went to this one too and hated it since the moment I arrived. I’m hoping, if she ends up here, that Missy feels differently.
On the bright side, I did run into my old French teacher, who remembered me, including my name, 22 years on. We had a quick chat about the French exchange trip I went on and I was suitably impressed that we both remembered so much! He was a lovely man and a great teacher.

Thoughts for the day: You don’t always have to have made big waves to be part of someone’s history. I left that school feeling substandard and like I didn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things, but that simple act of knowing me made me feel that maybe my time there wasn’t so insignificant after all.

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