By laniakea

Cassettes and Echocardiograms

I managed to find a small cassette recorder on Etsy last week and received it today. It works perfectly. I can plug it straight into my phone and record music onto a tape. Not sure when I'll find the time to make a full mixed tape for my friend Lauren in Hawai'i, but I'm happy to try.

My cardiologist called me today asking to book an echocardiogram and stress test in for next week Wednesday. My heart sometimes gets stuck in a arrhythmia called Atrial Trigeminy, which means I get one extra beat every third beat. This all started after I gave birth 5+ years ago, but seemed to have gotten a lot worse during the pandemic. Not surprised, as my anxiety was horrible from 2020 on. I'm hoping we can get some answers after all these tests are done. 

Good news: it's almost the weekend! We're meeting up with one of Lincoln's friends from school on Saturday after tennis and racing cars. Excited for that.

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