simple moments

By simplemoments



of color

in a sunrise flash

across the sky

suddenly there in a - shadowy suspense hanging - like a bright burst - of light and then - poof - the shadow is gone - up in wisps of black - and grey with little - remnants left behind - so you’re left wondering - if that burst you - just observed really happened

fortunately photos don’t lie - other than a slight - crop to get a - rooftop out of the way - this is straight out of the camera - bits of noise and all - it’s slightly out of - focus as well - but only because my - eyes were spasming so badly - so that’s my fault - hopefully you can overlook - that for the beauty abba has - painted in the sky - such a treat - after a snowy and - blustery day yesterday - with a bit more to come - i can tolerate any - cold or wind - if abba will put - on a show like this for - me in the morning - because this is the way to…


happy day.....

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