Acts of deliberate notice

By Yaviere

Day off

I am a person who doesn't know how to stop. I feel my self-worth is tied to my productivity on any given day. I feel I can only justify doing things just for me if I have achieved all of my "useful" jobs first.

A while ago I instituted a custom to give my head a break now and then: on full moons and new moons, I get a day off. Of course, sometimes these fall on a working day and I have no choice. But whatever time exits outside work hours is mine. Sometimes, blessedly, it falls on a weekend. Today is one such day.

I have spent a beautifully sunny morning in one of my favourite cosy places within walking distance with coffee, cake, and many pages of a book. Now I am home and planning to spend my afternoon playing video games. I feel relaxed, unwound, and at peace.

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