Elwetritsches Welt

By Elwetritsche


Much nicer weather for a walk today. It was slightly snowing again last night and in the morning, just enough to give the white a fresher touch. The wind was gone and I was out in the Bruch right after noon.

I couldn't decide on today's favourite, so I choose the most colourful one as the main blip: Spotted in the village on my way home.

In the two extras there are deer hiding. Easy to spot in extra one, not as easy in extra two. Can you see it?

The plan of blipping a black water buffalo at the Kranichwoog with the white background was nothing more than a plan.  I couldn't spot them. Funny, should have been so easy to see them in the snow, but no. I wonder where they've been. I might try again tomorrow. 

18:00; 0°C

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