I have also backblipped yesterday's I'm a penguin! ..... hope you will have a look .... thanks to those who already have :-)

It's been really cold today ...... we had freezing fog overnight .... the sun did make an appearance but couldn't seem to raise the temperature much above freezing!

The frosting did make the trees look beautiful ....... particularly lit by the sun :-)

We did manage a walk this afternoon though it was very cold ..... we saw the Lapwings again & this time one of them was closer (top left) :-)

We climbed onto the riverbank ..... no rowers this week but we saw a Little Grebe also known as a Dabchick (centre) & also a Redshank (top right) feeding on the opposite side of the river in the silt :-)

All three of these images are heavily cropped!

As we headed back home the breeze got up & that did make it feel even colder! We were pleased to get home & into the warm :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

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