By JeanSnaps

Still standing.

Pleased to have made it up at a reasonable hour this morning, It's milder but grey.  Took a few blips in the garden trying ICM. All dire. A couple of the withered buddleia weren't much better then, after breakfast, I gave the kitchen a clean and set Roomba in action downstairs.  Went to the Pillars for milk, bread, honey and biscuits for the computer doctor.  Came back to find Roomba jammed under the cooker so rescued it just before the computer doctor arrived.  He's partially fixed my Ipad. Apple don't like my password or my phone number which made the whole thing difficult but it does everything I need now so that's OK. He's checked over the spec. for my new PC which is OK  and convinced me that I'll have to give in and buy a smart phone sooner or later. Why people have become so hooked on phones I don't know and apparently most businesses are as well. The reason my ancient Kindle Fire does everything no trouble is because Amazon are not interested in constantly making it obsolete and forcing you to upgrade.  They just want you to buy other things from them with it.  After the computer doctor left I made tea, toast and honey and lay on the sofa catching up with The Great Pottery Throw Down.  Suddenly realised it was pitch dark and I'd only this mornings dire photos so tarted up one of the buddleias. Glad it's still there.  It gets cut back in February.  Not my finest hour photographically I'm afraid.  Must do better tomorrow.

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