By WharfedaleBex


This wasn't planned which makes it all the more special when you find yourself meeting up with a good friend from way back.  We were driving to our campsite last night and drove through a place that I could never remember whenever I asked Kim where she lived - and here I was seeing the place and having this realisation that I'd finally remembered it! We would be about two or three miles away in Beryl.

A quick text last night to find out whether, by any chance, she was free - yessss! And better than that, in the same location as us today.

So, we met for a wonderful walk along the beach in very easy company. Much warmer than yesterday, with the addition of surprise sunshine.  We had a really good natter.  Lovely when you can just meet up with someone after a few years and continue where you left off.

After meeting up, we went to find a bite to eat. The Tomahawk Steakhouse looked far too upmarket to take dogs but Rich went in to ask anyway and sure enough, a doggy area. Not a sea view but who needs that when you can recce the cycling hill climb straight out of the window?!  What's more, the best bacon butties - possibly ever - and a great coffee. So the hills, will hopefully be next time - in fact, Rich spotted another one out of the beach we were at yesterday.

I didn't realise my hoodie was up for this - it wasn't blowing a hoolie or anything, in fact it was quite still.  It must have tipped up when I leaned over to set the camera!

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