By MsQuizzical

Scavenger Hunt From The Tower

I got shots of a pair of foxes on my morning walk but they have been relegated. 

I went to Fishers Green in the hope of photographing the bittern. It wasn't around but a red kite feeding on a dead tufted duck a long way out in Seventy Acres Lake was pointed out to me by people in the Wildlife Discovery Centre. I tried shots from the Bittern Hide but the reeds were getting in the way so I climbed the newly-built observation tower. The kite, which was being harried by crows and gulls, really was distant but I managed the above shot. I've decided to make it my main as I've never photographed a kite on ice before or taken shots from the tower.

As I left the centre I spotted a kingfisher in the branches above a little egret which was fishing. Little egrets stir the water with their bright yellow feet which reveals the fish. I'm sure the kingfisher was making the most of this bounty. I don't know if the two birds fishing together is a thing.

From the tower I shot a pair of great crested grebes courting. When I arrived at Fishers Green a woman said, "Look, here's a lovely bird for you to photograph. It's a crane."  I gently replied that it was actually a heron. I've added a montage of the heron, grebes and kingfisher to extras.

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