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Night and day ...

I've been so busy and so indoorsy today that I was going to be left with only my 8am view of the cloudy Clyde, but I was so struck with the strange mistiness as I was locking up tonight that I thought I'd use both - more or less the same view, but 14 hours apart, with the dark one taken from the front door rather than the window. The night was quiet except for a throbbing sound from the direction of the water, and I actually took the long exposure photo to see if there was a ship, but I can't see one so it remains a mystery.

Pilates this morning was very ... stretchy. Quite strength-testing as well - I realise there are a few of the more extreme positions that my back just won't support, but I'm happy with being tested even if my shoulders are just now beginning to ache, almost 12 hours later.  When I got home I had a swift restorative coffee, changed out of my rather garish leggings into something more decorous and headed down the road to buy some wax discs for jam jars ...

And then home, to start heating up the second batch of oranges. I did the preliminaries in the big preserving pan right up to adding and dissolving the sugar, then transferred it all to the two smaller pots and boiled them aggressively. Quite scary, that bit when it all rises in the pot and seems determined to come over the edge at you - but all was well and after several blob tests (the thermometer having reached the necessary level) I was able to call it a day, bung it into the jars kindly donated by Di, cover the jars and bung them in a dark cupboard. Yesterday's batch is in the pantry up high - it's in the dark when I haven't the light on, and it seemed ok last year. Today's  batch is hidden away because it's going to be at least December before I get on to it, I reckon. Big shout-out to blipper Sally  and to Delia Smith: her instructions are much more realistic and accommodating and reassuring. 

That was that, really. I missed getting into the Final for Duolingo's tournament by one place, but at least I'm spared the stress of expectation! Tomorrow I shall start thinking about holiday packing - but I think I'll need to revive my hair colour first. 

Must get the priorities right!

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