Current Book - 40

Today hasn't gone to plan so I ended up with a trusty blipfiller. I'm enjoying this book. I did think of adding a doughnut to the picture but that would have made it too exciting.

I should have been going to Hereford to watch Chester but the game was called off because of a frozen pitch at 11am. In some ways this was a relief  because it would have been extremely cold and it isn't a good journey at this time of year in this weather. 

In addition, about 15 minutes before the game was called off, I learnt I had been selected for an extra's job tomorrow in Liverpool with a possible 6am call time which means getting up at around 4am. I was already thinking that I wouldn't get back from Hereford until after midnight so it has worked out for the best.

I managed to spot myself in Maternal last night which was filmed in St Helens last July I knew at the time that I wouldn't be recognisable and sure enough I was just a very distant blur. Even kwdiane struggled to spot me when I pressed pause.

Album of the Day - Towers - Baltic Fleet (2012)


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