By suehutton

Can you see the Egret?

I insisted that we go to Dishley Pool this morning. It was likely to be the last day of low temperatures for some time and it was also likely that the pool would be frozen. It was, although the ducks and coots and seagulls had gathered on the ice shelf at the northeastern end. (see extra).

The little egret had apparently followed us on our journey as I'd spotted it before we got to the parking. I would have thought it too cold for it to settle here in UK but apparently there are colonies. It wasn't the only heron present. We also saw a grey heron flying over the water.

The goat willow isn't anything like as far advanced in budding as it was last year. It seems to be afraid to emerge. Don't blame it in these temperatures. What I did notice was that the buds of the goat willow have copper coloured sheaths. (Another extra.)

I met another photographer who had a camera with a very long lens, too heavy for me. He told me where to stand to see the kingfisher at Stonebow. He said it sits there posing.

I was distinctly warm after the walk. My new shoes are uncomfortable around the toes which are arthritic, but we finished up with toasted sandwiches and latte at Finkins.

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