By Bella888

Flying to the moon

Zoom in, and you will see pigeons flying to the moon (still very much a crescent moon). Taken in town as we headed to the bus home.

Busy with banks today, still playing up. Doesn’t help when the agent is working at homes, with a bad signal,
and you can’t hear what they’re saying -
and no authority to make decisions.

Went out at 3, looking for a good quality hair comb. Last time I found one was in Paris many moons ago. Needless to say they are all cheap plastic.

Bought celery in M&S for the (dried Spanish Giant Bean) bean stew I just made in the Ninja. My protein for the week, and a favourite.

Watching ‘To the Manor Born’

For pinkhairedlady’s Tiny Tuesday challenge - I reckon there must be ca. 100 pigeons if you can be bothered to count them

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